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So Its been 3 weeks since our first trial show at the Gaiety Theatre In Ayr to see what material worked and what didn't so much. Fair to say the show was very successful and has went down really well. But for me there is more we can do to make it even more entertaining. So we started with a ghostbusters opening on the video screen that shows the Ghostbusters car racing to get to the gig on time with voiceovers telling them that the theatre is full of monsters which leads to Me and 2 dancers appearing on stage with torches through the smoke filled stage looking out into the crowd and saying "they were right there are some amount of monsters in here tonight" which got a huge laugh and helped right away to break down the 4th Wall which connects the crowd to the show.

We need some WOW factors in the show that get people talking about it so today i'm working on that which is hard as my 2 girls keep asking me questions like "Dad is Heaven a Planet" lol i do love them and they have came up with a good idea for my blog, the said to do an 80's word or phrase of the day :) i like that its going in.

Any way back to the show, i'm thinking an illusion in the show but how to work it in to the show mmm ok so until next time if you have any thoughts on wow factors let me know.

How I Start A Show
It starts with me a pen and a bit of paper

80's Word Of The Day

Stoked - Excited and ready to take something on. I am so stoked to try bungee jumping!

Enjoy the music Aha and an amazing video, the 80s music i'm listening today.

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