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THE 1980's

Im sitting here at a point in my life where i'm unsure where do go and what to do. Im an entertainer and have been for 25years. Life has had its ups and downs like anything else but for entertainers we just really have to keep reinventing what we do to keep it interesting. The 1980's were a big influence in music and inspired me to start a band at the ripe old age of 15. We started singing #DuranDuran songs and quickly developed our own style. im starting here as im sure this is where this whole thing started. Moving forward to present day I've went back to those days and I've started a new theatre style show. I've never done theatres before so its new, exciting and really scary all at the same time which is giving me a kick at the moment.

So the story will begin from now with all the things we need to do and learn about to make this a triumphant success ( i hope) but you'll get to find all the pitfalls to this business as we fall in and out of them and hopefully by the end are standing tall on that mountain thats on the apple computers at the moment :0.

I will be going back and forward in my life as we move this new venture further which i think is important, as we really need to search back things we have done in the past to help us move forward in this new and complicated world of social media. But i love it and hopefully you will too. Buckle up we are in for a ride....

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